An article here about Kippax, but the writer has mixed up the Kippax Fair plans with the ACT government plans. I didn’t put it up here, as that was confusing, the mix up. But, there are interesting issues raised, and interesting discussions in the comments, about the Kippax Ovals. Whoever the anon writers are, they seem to know the Kippax Ovals. We so rarely get articles about Kippax, that I may as well share this, even if it was mixed up about the plans…
I asked The Riot Act on its Facebook page, to write a full report about Kippax and the 2 sets of plans, I think Kippax deserves a full report by one of their staff writers.
Do you support building on the oval behind Woolworths and Aldi? I do not support building on the Kippax Ovals, not at all.
Here is the article- I avoided sharing it, as it may confuse people. But, read the comments too. It discusses important local issues, even if it is confusing…


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