Thanks to The Riot Act for doing a full article about the future of Kippax. I asked for a follow up article by a staff writer, in a comment last week, and they have done that.
Big issues here, about Kippax development and our beautiful, local, green Kippax Ovals, which I walk through often.
I think we should preserve the Kippax Ovals, as much as possible, and build about 4 storeys on a car park- how about 4 levels of shops, medical offices, a supermarket and eateries, with 2 levels of underground parking, a bit like the Big W building at Gungahlin?
Green grass ovals are beautiful and precious in a growing, increasingly urban, suburban environment.
Of course, developers might love the money they would make from building, then leasing and selling shops and apartments, built on our ovals.
What do you think? How can we get maximum facilities for the Kippax area, and keep maximum greenspaces, in our modern world?


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