The email I wrote today, to Ginninderra MLAs, the ACT Transport Minister and the “Ad Shel” bus shelter company.
When will we get these free bus shelters built on all our main streets?
Last week I saw the Ad Shel van, parked outside a bus stop, cleaning the bus shelter. I took a photo, and got their 1800 number. I called that number last week, then I called another number today, then I emailed them. The company told me on the phone, that they build bus shelters for free, in return for advertising.
How can this ACT government build tram lines but not give us free bus shelters?
They get paid so much, and do so very little for our area. VJ
To Ad Shel bus shelter company,
I called your office today to ask about getting your bus shelters built in West Belconnen and Belconnen main streets, in Canberra. I have asked the ACT government about building bus shelters on all main streets of West Belconnen and Belconnen, but they have done nothing.
My suburb is Higgins in Canberra. The main street in Higgins- Fullagar Street, is missing 2 bus shelters, near the corner of Northmore Cres, on both sides of the street, opposite each other.
If you provide the bus shelters for free, then what is stopping the ACT government requesting these bus shelters?
Please work with the ACT government to get bus shelters built on all West Belconnen and Belconnen main streets.
Fullagar Street Higgins needs 2 bus shelters, near Nothmore Cres, as I have said. Please do this asap.
I will cc this email to the ACT government transport minister and local members of government.
Many students, commuters, the elderly, low income people and people with disabilities have to catch buses.
Why do we have to wait in the rain and cold winter winds, when bus shelters can be provided, by you, free of cost?


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